SILESTONE (pronounced See-leh-sto-neh) by Cosentino of Spain, is the undisputed global leader and the only antibacterial quartz surfacing material. Consisting 93% natural quartz, SILESTONE has remarkable durability and resistance. It is ideal in damp conditions and workplaces, is very easy to clean and does not stain like natural stone. Only diamond, sapphire, and topaz are superior to quartz in terms of durability (in the Moh's hardness scale, diamond ranks 10, quartz is 7, marble 3-4 and granite 5-6). Furthermore, SILESTONE is resistant to acids, does not need sealants to maintain its shine, and can endure average cooking temperatures without fracturing or burning. In addition to being an excellent surface for kitchen and bathrooms, it works very well for covering flooring surface and walls on account of its resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.

SILESTONE is the only quartz surfacing brand that can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that is commonly found in even the cleanest kitchen and bathrooms. This is because all  SILESTONE products exclusively contain antibacterial protection - the antibacterial ingredients are added during the manufacturing process and mixed throughout the slab.

SILESTONE comes in over 65 colors, and is available in both 12mm and 20mm thickness. SILESTONE comes, not only in the regular Polished finish (a shiny gloss), but also in 2 unique finishes: Suede, an even, luxurious with matte effect providing a unique smooth sensation to the touch, and Volcano, a distinctive finish with a pleasant touch, slightly rough, fine and sophisticated. SILESTONE also has the purest white available in the quartz market. SILESTONE comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Cocineros With Annotation
SI wine stains
SI trivet hot objects
SI rust stains 22mb
SI oil stains
SI metal scratches 31mb
SI limescale marks 34mb
SI food residue 18mb
SI cleaning recommendations